The great wines of Sardinia

Finally in Sardinia. How long have you been dreaming about this moment? There is the sea in Olbia, there are the beaches of the north-eastern coast, there are also the flavours of traditional cuisine. An ancient land like Sardinia preserves food with a unique flavour, a flavour to be brought out with a glass of wine. But not just any wines: Sardinia is also famous for the production of divine nectars, which sometimes are as strong as the nature where the vine varieties of businesses grow. And this is our goal: organize a wine tour to discover the wineries around Olbia. The tour is divided into three days, three appointments to visit the wineries between Olbia and Alghero. Here are the details of your small (but intense) adventure among the wines of Sardinia.

1° Day: Surrau and Capichera wineries

The first day of the tour includes the arrival to Olbia and the departure towards the Surrau winery, in Porto Cervo. Tradition rhymes with innovation in this vineyard:
The qualities of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Carignano and Muristellu meet the new technologies for the production of a wine of superior quality. Tasting is a must, lunch in an farmhouse is a sparkling mix of typical flavours of Sardinia. Soon after you leave to another winery: the Capichera in Arzachena. Here is the Vermentino to fill the rows with its straw-coloured grapes, but for those who love dark wine there is the ruby red of the Carignano: tasting is an absolute pleasure. Soon after it’s off to Alghero, dinner and overnight in the hotel.

2° Day: Delogu Winery

A new day dedicated to the wine of Sardinia: breakfast in the hotel and then you will set off to visit Tenuta Delogu located in the countryside of Alghero, on the plain of Nurra. The hot sunshine and the Mediterranean climate spoil the vines of Cannonau, Vermentino, Cabernet, Merlot and the new technologies for the production of wine do not interrupt the slow pace of rural tradition.

3° Day: city of Bosa

The third day is dedicated exclusively to Bosa, a city known to all the lovers of fine wine. This town is known for its medieval castle of Malaspina, built by the homonymous Tuscan family in 1112, but mostly for the production of a historical wine: Malvasia. Malvasia di Bosa is the classic Mediterranean wine loved by those who are used to the dry flavours and colours of white wine that goes from straw-coloured to golden. You can drink it with no hesitations with unleavened cakes, pastries and spicy cheeses: tasting is a must. After lunch at a restaurant you will go back to Olbia for departure.

Do you like good food? To you, travelling means to discover new flavours and aromas? Perfect, this is the right tour for you.

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